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Turn Opendata into Geodata with GeoWE GISWEB, create your own layers and maps from online free resources.

Nowadays there are a lot of free datasets on the Internet, and many of them are not geographic data. However most of the data from opendata portals are referred to the territory,  assigned to a location such as a village, city, country, etc.

In this article, we will geolocalize a data source using a geographical layer, by joining common attributes from both datasets referred to the same location by a code or name.

In other words, we will add thematic data to a geographic layer to create richer layers, so it can be used in geographic analysis or thematic maps.
Image 1: Create thematic Layers, USA Divisions
For this purpose, we are going to use GeoWE, a powerful geographic information editor. We are going to make an example of attribute data managing, without a specific target, just to show data join tool potential, so that each data manager can use it according to their needs.


This is an example of how you can create new geographic layers and maps from non-geolocalized alphanumer…

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